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Sheogorath is (Not) Amused

Haskill shook his head as he entered New Sheoth Palace.  He was having one of those days.  Once again, the people of both Mania and Dementia were requesting a new Duke or Dutchess, and once again Lord Sheogorath had denied them.  Though technically it should be 'Lady Sheogorath' now.  The Graymarch was over in a most permanent form, with Jyggalag freed from his curse.  This had left a void in the Throne of the Madgod that was as easily filled as it was emptied.  The new Sheogorath, the first and only true Sheogorath in fact, was formally the mortal known as the Champion of Cyrodil.  Within a single night that had changed.  Sheogorath was – to the surprise of many, including Haskill – a female who looked to be a perfect cross between the Aureal and the Mazken.  Her golden skin had a bluish blush, and her midnight blue hair had streaks of gold in it.

Surprisingly enough, her appearance caused the majority of Aureal and Mazken to stop fighting so much and start getting along, though Haskill suspected it had something to do with the threat of dismissing both races.  That wasn't to say that they still didn't fight over Cylarne, but it was now less of an enmity and more of a friendly rivalry.

Unfortunately, the new Sheogorath unnerved Haskill from time to time.  This was mostly because of how differently she viewed madness than her cursed predecessor.  There was no doubt that she was mad, but there was a method to her madness, and that made her both very powerful and very dangerous.  Thankfully, most of the other Daedric Princes could care less about her.  Others found themselves changing their allegiances drastically.  Nocturnal and Azura became instant friends, while Mehrunes Dagon became an immediate enemy.  Clavicus Vile said he didn't like her because she cheated, but he didn't bother her either.  To the surprise of most of the Daedric Princes, Jyggalag openly declared his allegiance with the new Madgod who had freed him.

Looking around the Throne Room, Hakill let out a sigh of relief that Sheogorath wasn't around at the moment.  He felt he had enough to deal with at the moment with the general populace of New Sheoth demanding new nobility.  Unfortunately for him, he had spoken much too soon.

"Ah, Haskill!  Have I ever told you how wonderfully dreadful it is that I am easily amused?  It is so dreadfully wonderful!"

Haskill looked down to see her lying face up on the carpet, wearing her usual purple dress that was both formfitting and slightly revealing.  "Just enough to drive a mortal mad while maintaining my modesty," Sheogorath had described it.  Haskill was glad it had no effect on him.  "No, my Lord," he answered, knowing full well that she would summon him into a brick wall if he dared call her a 'Lady'.

She pointed up at the ceiling, "Those cracks make the most interesting faces.  That set over there looks like Azura, while that one looks just like Syl moments before I killed her."  She snickered at the memory, putting her hands behind her head.

"Indeed," Haskill replied.  He had a bad feeling, partially because even he couldn't predict Sheogorath's actions or emotions any more.  She was in a good mood now, but he was sure that it was going to change in a matter of seconds.

He was right.  She pointed towards another cluster of cracks and said, "That group over there looks like Mehrunes Dagon."  She frowned, a vein in her temple ticking, and a massive fireball destroyed the offending image, creating a new skylight.  "I hate Mehrunes Dagon," she muttered, standing.  Then she turned to him, "Haskill, why the hell is there a hole in my ceiling?"

Trying to hide his nervous shock at her outburst, he replied, "I don't know, m'Lord.  I'll get someone to fix it right away."

She turned away from him, "You better.  Tell Tove the Unrestful to do it, or I'll use his eyeballs to pickle my wine."  Haskill quickly turned to do as he was told, only to stop as she called out, "Never mind.  Leave it.  I like the sunlight for now."

Haskill sighed, massaging his temple to get rid of the migraine that he could feel coming.

"Not that I'd ever let you, but have you ever thought about retiring, Haskill?" Sheogorath asked, sitting down on her throne.

He couldn't help but give her a rueful smile as he answered, "If only."
I had to do it.
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